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As a pioneering figure in the domain of online astrological services, and with more than two decades of experience under our belt, Vedic Matrimony is in pole position to fine-tune your search for the ideal partner, to achieve perfect pitch. If choosing the perfect partner is your goal, then choosing us is the way to achieve it.


Astrology based

You may find love anywhere.
But we offer it with a guarantee.
Of astrological compatibility.

Find your spouse's

Your future life partner – decoded!
A free astrological profile of your prospective spouse.


Cleanse Your

Star-crossed love is a thing of the past.
We cleanse your horoscope of marital incompatibility factors

Manglik, Naga, Pitru

If Romeo and Juliet were to be reborn,
they'd be happily married!

Shortlisting Profiles

Don't be satisfied with 'Will Do'.
Go for 'Perfect'.

Get shortlisted partner profiles matched for compatibility!

Love Marriage and
Horoscope Incompatibility

When two hearts are in sync but their horoscopes aren't...
Solutions for incompatible horoscopes in love marriages.

Second Marriage

Second marriage? Take a plunge without fear.
We help you find out what went wrong the first time and avoid it.

Live Astrologer Consultation
Live Astrologer Consultation

Tie the knot without tying yourself up in knots.
Live Astrologer Consultation for clearing all your doubts

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